Healing Ritual Kit with Amethyst, Selenite, Clear Quartz, Sage by moon and jai

$49 USD
Fulfilled by our friends at moon and jaiMake sure you're equipped to create some powerful healing in your life through the use of this special kit known as our Moon and Jai HEALING Ritual kit!  Like all our kits, each one is special with their own unique crystal.  This chakra...
$49 USD

Fulfilled by our friends at moon and jai

Make sure you're equipped to create some powerful healing in your life through the use of this special kit known as our Moon and Jai HEALING Ritual kit!  Like all our kits, each one is special with their own unique crystal.  This chakra healing kit contains a beautiful purple crystal called Amethyst, one of the most powerful healing stones.  This crystal for health will work its magic on healing, relieving stress and irritability, as well as disperse fear, anger, and anxiety. 

With Moon and Jai meditation kits, you’ll receive an elegant and complete package consisting of: Palo Santo, Sage, Healing Crystals, matches, ritual + healing crystal qualities scroll.  Everything you need to manifest your desires and achieving as well as  maintaining a balanced sanctuary.  Allow this kit to assist you in discovering your magic through a variety of uses, such as rituals, spells using crystalsfeng shui, creating a high vibe home and more!

Ritual kit includes:

~Amethyst druzy
~Clear quartz point
~Fragrant thick sage smudge wand
~Aromatic Palo Santo stick
~Raw selenite wand
~Moon + Jai matches
~Ritual + Crystal qualities instructions - complete directions on magical ways to perform your ritual + healing powers and care instructions for your crystal
~The kit comes in a sturdy elegant black pull out drawer box

~Box dimensions are 7 inches long x 5 inches wide x 2 inches tall.

~Crystals in this kit have been cleansed, energetically charged & moon bathed.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Princess D.

I loved it, will purchase again

Janice B.
Wonderful customer service!

I contacted Gina after my package arrived with a broken amethyst and she was absolutely wonderful and courteous. Top notch customer service!

Aside from the broken amethyst issue, which was probably from lousy handling while shipping, the kit was great! I gave it to my girlfriend as a gift and we did the ritual the night I gave it to her.Read more about review stating Wonderful customer service! She loved it and so did I! Highly recommend this kit if you need some healing and positive energy in your life! 10/10

Scott J.
Perfect Gift

I bought this gift for a friend who believes in the healing power of the earth and elements. She has taught me a lot about understanding your own personal energy and channeling it. I was looking for a personalize gift that she would really appreciate and she is going thru some tough times both health, financially, personally and family. She has loRead more about review stating Perfect Giftts of other stones and crystals around her home and has even gotten some for me now for my apartment. I found Moon and Jai online while doing a search. I loved the 4 best selling kits that Gina had and ask my friend which of these 4 words resonated most with her right now, Manifest, Healing, Love and Prosperity. She picked Healing from the 4. I purchased the Healing Ritual Kit for her and shipped it to her and it arrived on Monday (finally - shipped to USVI). After opening her box, with some other goodies in it, she called me and was really emotional about the Healing Kit and absolutely loved the smell of the Paolo Santo stick. Today she burned it in the house and has been in a good mood all day. Thank You you Gina and Moon and Jai for a great product and the warm hand written note/thank you in the package

Dawn F.
Healing Kit

I love my Healing Kit ,with the beautiful Amethyst crystal. I can't wait to use my kit.

Deborah M.
Perfect during the pandemic

I received my kit today and performed a healing ritual in my house and personally. My friend Drinkingwater introduced me to the incredible healing cleansing powers of sage years ago when a tree at my house in Santa Ynez was struck by lightening and split in half. Drinkingwater performed a sage ceremony. My father and the arborist both said the treRead more about review stating Perfect during the pandemice had to be cut down. That was February 1998, the tree is very heathy and everyone is amazed when they see that 1/2 of the trunk is missing. God his creation Mother Earth gift us with miracles when we give thanks and show our appreciation

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