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Hot Tresses Sulfate-Free REHABILITATION Shampoo 1L
Great product

This shampoo is really great! It leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable.

Hot Tresses Intensive + Hydrating REHABILITATION Conditioner
Great product

This conditioner is really great! It leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable.

SUNSTONE Hair Revive Elixir
Spencer M.

I purchased this to help repair some damage done from using cheap shampoo and conditioner. My hair was so dry and damaged and I noticed a huge difference after one use! I was so hooked I purchased a bunch more EH product and my sister also purchased this and is in love with EH!

SIREN SILK Multi-Tasking Hydration Creme
Karina H.
The best creme for complex skin

I have sensitive skin, prone to rosacea, and usually deal with dryness as much as redness, oily spots and even pimples every now and then (particularly when trying to treat dryness and as reaction to other cremes). This creme is effective, soothing and a real pleasure to just wear on. The smell was the less appealing aspect but after a while, I goRead more about review stating The best creme for complex skint over it and the feel of my skin after putting this creme on is worth anything!

SAMPHIRE Sea-Retinol Digital Serum
Nicole A.
My new FAV!

I’ve only been testing out this product for a couple days and I’m already in love with this, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous and so is the formula! I love how it leaves my skin feeling so smooth while protecting me against blue light! I’m always in front of a computer or phone so this was a product I was very excited about.. and it totally exRead more about review stating My new FAV!ceeds my expectations! Thank you for making incredible products Earth Harbor!

GLOW JUICE Refining Enzyme Mask
Hana H.

Looking for a easy enzyme mask for every day use and this was it! Smells great and I love being able to use it daily. I use it while I brush my teeth and it’s perfect!!

Kasey K.
Makes your skin super glowy

Makes your skin super glowy and dewy!

Karen M.
Happy holidays to my skin!

So fun! This was a great way to try more products and to try a regiment. Used this on my and a guy friend's face. We both felt super glowy and fabulous after. We both were impressed with how light all the products felt. I'm hooked on Earth Harbor!

Elke G.
Love this Kit

Really a great way to try out different products. I like all, but especially the Crystal Hydration Mist. It smells good and a quick spritz moisturizes your skin on a few seconds. I also like that you can layer everything with other products.

Nansi H.
Great set!

Great set!

CACAO COVE Detoxifying Indulgence Mask
Amanda P.
Love it

I used it one time so far. I love how my face felt immediately after and it even looked amazing. I will definitely be buying more when I run out.

CACAO COVE Detoxifying Indulgence Mask
Juletta G.
it is work great

it is work great

AQUA AURA Reparative Eye Creme
Susan S.

I can feel this product working almost immediately. Love the smell abs formula.

Allison Y.
Allison on Treat

This is my favorite treatment. It feels so good on my skin and the smell is beautiful! This really quenches my dry skin, especially in the cold & dry winter. I highly recommend!!

Soften Lavender Body Oil
Julie P.
Great body oil

I use it on my hands and cuticles. It’s lightweight and smells amazing!


Good Goddess this oil is amazing!!! The scent is amazing (hints of peppermint and ginger) and loved the coverage. Paavani oil is now part of my daily routine and I’m excited to try the Vata oil during this dry winter season.

Coffee Bean by Crazy Rumors
Marjorie Z.
The best!

This flavor of this product is why I am at this page tonight, I have a huge collection of lip balms and this is the very best for scent and feel and how well it works! More more more! I think I will try some other flavors too...

Raspberry Sorbet by Crazy Rumors
Awsome lip balm!

smells amazing! super moisturizing and feels good on the lips. Would recommended to anyone who wants a good lip balm (and one that smells good too!)

Abundance Ritual Kit by moon and jai
Debby Kruszewski
Abundance Ritual kit

Great kit to cleanse space with! I can’t wait to give it to my friend moving into a new office. Love it 🥰

Absorbs into skin nicely

This product absorbs into my skin so quickly and its benefits last all day. I am astonished by how it has lived up to all of the claims made and will definitely be purchsing again. My friends have tried it too and we are all so happy with the results!


I am so pleased with this new product - it's amazing!

Extra glow boost

When my skin is hydrated, it has an extra glow!

Traps moisture well

This moisturiser is so efficient at trapping moisture after I wash my face.


My. Face. Is. Glowing! It's taken me all this time to find the perfect moisturiser, and I'm glad I finally have. It's also nice to think that my new skin is the result of a product which comes from a brand with ethics at its heart when I look in the mirror. I'm so pleased and you shoudl definitely try this moisturiser!

Depuffed eyes

My under eye puffiness is gone!

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