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When you buy products from Beusail, you become a part of our

movement. Every purchase you make empowers and gives back to female founders

and our earth mother through our community building infinity loop.

We realized that women wanted more. A place to connect,
nurture and grow themselves and long lasting relationships.

Your safe space to ignite your gifts and superhuman unstoppability
 with the support of a community of women! Come share, grow and
transform, to live your life to the fullest.
Beusail Circles is exactly what you've been looking for!

Want to know more?
Experience a Beusail Moon Gathering
as our guest 

If you've been feeling disconnected from yourself and a community of like-minded women and wanting soul-filling alignment, this event is for you! Fill your bucket, set intentions and renew your energy with beautiful souls like you!


This new moon, step into your personal power and actively prepare your unconscious mind for transformation!

Manifestation Through Connection

Join our new moon activities, meditations and rituals to feel connected, uplifted and present to what's possible.



When women gather, there is collective power to grow, rise up and make a positive impact on our lives, and those around us.

Be Inspired To Make A Difference

Meet Beusail's Co-Founder Tamara Loehr to hear her story and learn why she believes women have the power to change the world.

New Moon


This new moon, step into your personal power and actively prepare your unconscious mind for transformation.

What happens at a Beusail Circles Moon Gathering?

  • Inclusive and diverse group of women from all over the world connect and inspire each other.​

  • Share and support each other to shift and release the outgoing moon's energy.​

  • Embrace your gifts by taking time out to look within and move forward in your purpose.

  • Empower each other knowing you have a place to go to be inspired and uplifted by transcendent experiences.

  • Celebrate sisterhood through our collective power to grow, rise up and make a positive impact in our lives and those around us.

What is a Beusail Circles
Monthly Membership

Make meaningful connections, take action on the things that matter most to you and get

your daily dose of inspiration and alignment with our custom content, yoga on demand and

bi-monthly Beusail Moon Gatherings.



(1.5hrs Live Monthly)

Moon Ceremony with card readings and Astrologist in Residence 



(2hrs Live Monthly)

Moon Ceremony with breakout rooms guided by elders


Resources Network

(Evergreen & virtual)

Pour into yourself & your community. On-demand yoga, meditation, astrology, programs & curated content


Beusail Marketplace


Support female founded indie brands that give back. Choose from 400+ products

Your $9 monthly membership includes
+ $9 Test Credits to shop to support over 400+ female founded, indie brands
and give back to UN sustainability goals 

Aware. Purpose. Prosper.

Embark on your spiritual inner journey to transcend the limitations and societal ‘agreements’ placed on women and embrace your destiny! When you define your purpose and nurture your bestowed gifts, you will live a life of happiness, success and fulfilment. We are all born with genius. Have you stepped into yours?

Connect. Create. Serve.

You will make meaningful, symbolic relationships with like minded souls who elevate your vibrations, expand your creativity and feed your infinite desires. When we come together, we empower each other to live in a state of Beusail. Beusail Circles are a trusted, safe space where we serve ourselves and our community with abundance, gratitude and grace.

Guide. Impact. Evolve.

Together, we call on our ancestral wisdom and invoke our majestic powers as divine warriors to protect the earth mother, humanity and the future.
We are a conscious movement of women dedicated to using our collective powers for good to reconnect with the planet's natural state of harmony.

Women have the ability to work magic!
When we get together in a circle

the possibilities are endless!

This is your safe space to connect with conscious women calling on our

ancestral wisdom and community to share gratitude and abundance, so you can

step into your genius, creativity & self love.

 Attend a Beusail Moon Gathering!  


Conscious Community




Sacred space

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