Marz+® SHINE Oral Spray
We've taken B12, a popular vitamin for energy, and boosted it by 5 times. That's 5x the B12 per doses for up to 12hours of sustained energy. Marz+® Shine Spray's clinic-approved formula helps you be crystal clear by improving your...
$30 USD
Marz+® SLEEP Oral Spray
Avoid the harsh side effects of sleeping pills. Now there's a sleep aid that's natural, effective and requires no prescription. Marz+® Sleep Spray with cherry juice, a natural melatonin, helps improve your sleep cycle. Get a restful sleep and wake...
$30 USD
Marz+® SLIM Oral Spray
Marz+® Slim Spray was developed for weight loss patients in LA medical weight loss clinics to help eliminate food cravings. There's no miracle way to lose weight but studies show that if you eat less and cut out snacking, you...
$30 USD
Marz TRIO set: Slim, Sleep and Shine
30 day Slimming Program Offer: Maximise your results by combining all 3 Marz+® Sprays: 1 x 30 Day Marz+® Slim Spray Supply (7 sprays per day) to suppress your appetite and eat less. 1 x 30 Day Marz+® Sleep Spray...
$80 USD
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