Hot Tresses 30 Day REHABILITATION Trio
Do you depend on your hair straighteners? The 30 Day Hot Tresses REHABILITATION is designed specifically for your hair type. Follow your tailored Hot Tresses Rehabilitation hair care and healing plan and achieve 3 key outcomes: † Reduce your dependency...
$70 USD
Hot Tresses Indigo Babe Treatment
Hot Tresses Indigo Babe Treatment contains plant-based dyes that neutralise copper tones whilst providing a nourishing treatment. Finally, a pathway to being an elusive blonde without drying + harsh chemicals. Using a fusion of blueberry, lavender + ylang ylang, these...
$27 USD
Hot Tresses REHABILITATION Conditioner
Hot Tresses Intensive + Hydrating REHABILITATION Conditioner uses a fusion of anti-ageing, biologically active, cosmeceutical ingredients such as lactobacillus/pumpkin ferment extract, vitamins E and B as well as hemp † quinoa proteins † scalp nurturing rosemary, ylang ylang, castor seed...
$26 USD
Hot Tresses Moisturising Rehabilitation Leave-In 150 ML
Hot Tresses Moisturising REHABILITATION Leave-in is a light-weight, nutrient-dense moisturiser that helps break dependency on heat styling. Quinoa † hemp proteins boost keratin levels and strengthen the hair shaft. Castor seed, coconut, rosemary and ylang-ylang oils smooth and defrizz. Vitamins...
$27 USD
Hot Tresses Sulfate-free REHABILITATION Shampoo 250ml
Hot Tresses Sulfate-free REHABILITATION Shampoo contains paw paw † pumpkin † French green clay † our signature blend of castor seed, coconut and ylang ylang oils. Together, these ingredients actively cleanse, exfoliate, detox and stimulate the scalp and prepare the...
$26 USD
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