Hot Tresses 30 Day REHABILITATION Trio
Do you depend on your hair straighteners? The 30 Day Hot Tresses REHABILITATION is designed specifically for your hair type. Follow your tailored Hot Tresses Rehabilitation hair care and healing plan and achieve 3 key outcomes: † Reduce your dependency...
$70 USD
Marz+® SHINE Oral Spray
We've taken B12, a popular vitamin for energy, and boosted it by 5 times. That's 5x the B12 per doses for up to 12hours of sustained energy. Marz+® Shine Spray's clinic-approved formula helps you be crystal clear by improving your...
$30 USD
NYMPH NECTAR Superfruit Radiance Balm
From the loving arms of island nymphs comes the sweetest and richest nectar — a buttery beauty secret among the spirits of nature known to instantly reveal pure radiance, induce youthful buoyancy, and impart perfect moisturization to your skin. As...
$38 USD
CACAO COVE Detoxifying Indulgence Mask
The most indulgent treat that will ever grace your face, Cacao Cove Mask is a rich topical purifier, synergistic strengthener, and vibrant rejuvenator. Tickle your senses and intensely replenish your skin with Raw Cacao antioxidants, Ocean Mineral healing, Coconut Milk...
$28 USD
SAMPHIRE Sea-Retinol Digital Serum
From the wildcrafted Sea Samphire plant, Samphire is a proven botanical that acts like retinol. Except this green queen is naturally non-irritating, non-photosensitizing, and overflowing with phyto-Vitamin C— giving your skin the rare opportunity to rejuvenate itself both day and...
$49 USD
AQUA AURA Reparative Eye Creme
Inspired by the iridescent blue-green crystal known for healing and strengthening, Aqua Aura Reparative Eye Creme is restorative and awakening. Featuring a brightening + hydrating combination of Seaweed Collagen, Blue Tansy, potent antioxidants, replenishing plant oils and soothing actives for an...
$34 USD
CALYPSO Vitamin C Moisture Elixir
Like the beautiful water nymph, Calypso Rejuvenating Moisture Elixir is an enchanting blend of plant-based vitamin C, elegant moisture-locking botanicals, and alluring skin-renewing properties that give skin that healthy after-beach glow. She is a crucial skincare treasure who seals your...
$44 USD
GLOW JUICE Refining Enzyme Mask
A purple paradise, this powerful fast-acting AHA/BHA gel mask naturally resurfaces + cools + firms skin with Red Seaweed, Fruit Enzymes, White Willow Bark and Aloe Leaf Juice to reveal greater clarity, look of improved skin texture and tone, and a more youthful...
$40 USD
AURORA Superfood Luminance Ampoule
A soothing, ethereal glow of the Aurora Borealis sweeping across the sky — captured in a bottle. Give your face illuminating superfood nutrition with harmonizing Sea Greens + Cannabis Sativa Hemp Oil and pacifying Grapeseed Oil + Neem Seed Extract....
$32 USD
SUNSHINE DEW Antioxidant Cleansing Oil
Sweet tropical sunshine with silky dew drops sail smoothly across your face removing impurities, pollution, and makeup. Antioxidant-rich oils infused with Sea Kelp + Papaya Enzymes will arouse your senses while profoundly cleansing and softening your complexion. Sunshine Dew rinses...
$24 USD
A luminous mini collection for naturally repairing + hydrating your precious skin. Created for all skin types, but especially beneficial for skin in need of deep hydration, rich nutrients, and restoring radiance. This is the perfect discovery kit for experiencing Earth...
$35 USD
Multi-Task Facial Grains 3 Way Action- Dry Skin
Nourish dry skin with our 3 way action cleanser, exfoliant and mask crafted with rhassoul clay for dry skin. The gentle properties of colloidal oatmeal combined with the drawing power of Rhassoul clay and the exfoliant action of herbal actives...
$35 USD
Multi-Task Facial Grains 3 Way Action- All Skin Types
The gentle properties of colloidal oatmeal combined with the drawing power of Rhassoul clay and the exfoliant action of herbal actives makes this a comprehensive ALL IN ONE cleanser, exfoliant, and mask. Rhassoul Clay is great for *dry skin due...
$35 USD
Organic Sprinkle Talc Free Baby Powder
Organic Talc Free Baby Powder. Recommended for: Baby's with all skin types, even the most sensitive. Target concerns: ✓ Preventing diaper and body rash ✓ Keeping the diaper area fresh and comfortable How to use: Sprinkle this natural and talc...
$12 USD
Organic Baby Oil
Organic baby oil crafted from natural and organic ingredients with essential oil lavender scent. Recommended for: This Organic Baby Oil is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Target Concerns: ✓ Dryness ✓ Rash/Irritation ✓ Cradle cap The...
$12 USD
RENEW - Face and Eye Oil for Oily Skin
Our RENEW face and eye oil for oily skin is a blend of argan, grapeseed and jojoba oil to provide balance to oily skin.    How to use: Apply a dropperful to your face and eye area after cleansing day and night....
$54 USD
Rose Crushin' It
The perfect trio for those who love roses and polished and velvety soft skin. Step 1 - Polish with ROSE CRUSH Sugar, roses, beets and coconut unite to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.  This blend provides B vitamins, Antioxidants and...
$54 USD
Rose Crush - Exfoliating Body Scrub
Our rose crush body polish hydrates and exfoliates for velvety soft skin. Sugar, roses, beets and coconut unite to exfoliate and moisturize your skin.  This blend provides B vitamins, Antioxidants and Minerals to further benefit your skin and overall health....
$30 USD
Aloe Vera Hand Cleansing Gel
The Hand Cleansing Gel is a gentle and non-drying sanitizer that contains ingredients like aloe vera, lavender essential oil, Vitamin E, and Pro-vitamin B5 to deliver moisture and protection to the skin. This product will provide a necessary boost in...
$10 USD
Super Bioactive Face Serum
Super Bioactive Face Serum is a multi-correctional formula designed to deliver moisturization, hydration, protection, restoration, brightening, nutrition and balance to the skin’s overall complexion. With a proprietary blend of 27 botanicals and super bioactive metabolites extracted from reishi, shiitake, snow...
$115 USD
Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream
The Multipotent Regenerative Night Cream is a multi-correctional formula designed to tighten, hydrate and revitalize the skin’s overall complexion. ARÊMÊS uses a proprietary blend of botanicals, peptides and bioactive metabolites extracted from carrot and algae ferment. These metabolites were designed...
$73 USD
PathoDefense Immune Boost
The PathoDefense Immune Boost is an essential oil roll-on designed to deliver clarity, anti-inflammatory, and respiratory support for an overall immune system boost. Formulated with a blend of immune boosting botanicals and bioactive metabolites from Korean red ginseng ferment, this...
$28 USD
Roses & Chocolate Set
The most romantic bath and body set we offer complete with rose crush sugar scrub, love bath salts, and chocolate whipped body butter. Soak in naturally occurring pink himalayan aroma therapeutic spa salts,  followed by a full body scrub loaded...
$58 USD
The Dinacharya Ritual
Dinacharya is the Sanskrit term for daily Ayurvedic self-care rituals. Use this kit to begin incorporating basic Ayurvedic lifestyle practices & optimal balance into your day. FULL SIZE KIT INCLUDES ($99 value): 1 x (1 fl oz) 1 x (4...
$23 USD
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