BeLIFTED Skincare Bundle
Your. Skin. Will. Love. It. Buy together and save!  Does your skin need a pick me up? A little love? Our ultra-hydrating, yet non-pore-clogging whole-plant CBD infused skincare set will change your skin to glowing, healthy, hydrated skin allowing you...
$281 USD $230 USD
B MERACLUS Restoring CBD Face Oil
Our light, silky, whole-plant CBD infused oil absorbs quickly to deeply hydrate, balance, and soothe where your skin needs it most. It is wonderful for drier skin and complicated skin and reduces the appearance of redness. Name Translation: Meraclus (Latin);...
$75 USD
B SANA Rejuvenating CBD Face Cream
Our luxe, whole-plant CBD infused face cream is soft, rich, non-pore-clogging, and deeply hydrating. Ideal for complicated skin, it soothes, balances, and rejuvenates. Apply before bed to wake up with smoother skin and in the morning to lock in hydration....
$115 USD
B LUMEN Renewing CBD Eye Cream
Our thick and velvety, whole-plant CBD infused eye cream is designed to help delicate skin around the eyes feel refreshed, smooth, and refined. Wonderful for de-puffing and brightening tired eyes of any age. Name Translation: Lumen (Latin); Light Ingredients Whole-plant...
$75 USD
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