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Organic Baby Butter Me Up Moisturizer
Organic Baby Body Butter made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. Recommended for: Organic Baby Butter Me Up is suitable for use on all skin types Target concerns: ✓ Dryness ✓ Rash/Irritation How to use: Apply to baby's body, hands...
$18 USD
Organic Sprinkle Talc Free Baby Powder
Organic Talc Free Baby Powder. Recommended for: Baby's with all skin types, even the most sensitive. Target concerns: ✓ Preventing diaper and body rash ✓ Keeping the diaper area fresh and comfortable How to use: Sprinkle this natural and talc...
$12 USD
Organic Baby Oil
Organic baby oil crafted from natural and organic ingredients with essential oil lavender scent. Recommended for: This Organic Baby Oil is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Target Concerns: ✓ Dryness ✓ Rash/Irritation ✓ Cradle cap The...
$12 USD
Organic Baby Oil and (talc free) Baby Powder Set
Talc Free Powder and Organic Baby Oil set. Our BABY SOFT organic nutrient rich baby oil blend infused with natures gentlest botanicals will moisturize, nourish and protect baby's delicate skin. The light lavender aromatherapy makes for the perfect calming infant...
$22 USD
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