• Magick 101: Decision Maker

    Magick 101: Decision Maker

    This spell will help you feel firmer in your decision-making skills Magick 101 Wavering thoughts? Not anymore. The first feeling you have in your gut will most likely be the answer to your problems. You Will Need 1 blue candle 7 pearls of rosemary essential oil Step One Bind your need to the flame of a candle by rubbing it with rosemary essential oil...
  • Magick 101: Spiritual Cleanser

    Magick 101: Spiritual Cleanser

    Think of this spell like a divine cleansing Magick 101 Think of this spell like a divine cleansing for your hands and other instruments or crystals you use to make your spells hum. Purifying gloom and dispelling sour energy from your atmosphere... It clears negativity and banishes bad vibes, and also works as an offering to bless and protect yourself and your magica apparatus....
  • Danger: Don't Mix Products/Brands

    Danger: Don't Mix Products/Brands

    Danger: Don't Mix Hair Care Products and Brands! Your hair has specific needs and there are a million products out there that promise amazing results. It may be tempting to grab multiple hair care bottles from the shelves, thinking a blend of several brands will give you the overall results you want... not so fast. There is a hidden problem with mixing hair care...
  • Playing A Bigger Game

    Playing A Bigger Game

    Started Your Own Business? Don’t Let These 4 Myths Hold You Back from Growth Many female entrepreneurs are motivated by flexibility when they decide to become their own boss. And Beusail's co-founder — 8 figure Wellnesspreneur, Tamara Loehr — explains how true flexibility can be achieved by busting myths that might be holding back your growth "It's not always about entrepreneurship," Loehr says. "Many...
  • Five Things NOT To Do If You’re Thinking Of Changing Careers

    Five Things NOT To Do If You’re Thinking Of Changing Careers

    Time to reinvent yourself? Five things NOT to do if you’re thinking of changing careers Toiling away in a job that makes you unhappy? Before you decide to quit, consider what you'll lose and what you'll gain. Then use both to your advantage... Change can be an opportunity, a turning point, or just trying something new. But it all depends on what your goals are...
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