Spiritual Leadership In Business

Beusail Leads Growing Movement Toward New Order Of Spirituality In Business

Study After Study Shows Spiritual Connection At Work = Happier Staff & Happier Staff = More Successful Businesses...

Welcome To The Spiritual Awakening Of Business Ethics

Beusail, an Australia and US-based brand known for producing a range of natural, ethical, beauty and wellness products leads the new order in business. Focusing on spirituality and incorporating the Feminine Divine in their company’s core values.

While the idea of integrating spirituality in business is nothing new, Beusail co-founder, author and global award-winning “wellnesspreneur” Tamara Loehr believes the movement is gaining more momentum.

What Does Spirituality Mean?

Spirituality is a broad concept that can be applied to a wide variety of situations. When people speak of spirituality, they are referring to an internal sense of connection to something bigger than themselves. Many people say that they have spiritual experiences or access a spiritual realm when they are moved by a powerful internal experience. These feelings of connection with the universe and the transcendent can be something as simple as a clean, clear blue sky or a sunset, or it can be incredibly profound.

Wondering How To Start A Spiritual business Online?

It starts & grows from a clear spiritual connection. With Beusail, Tamara Loehr is extending the traditional definition of a spiritual business. Usually, an online business that's spiritual provides goods and/or services that have a spiritual component. Services or products related with the metaphysical or holistic care for the well being of your mind, spirit & body. But Loehr believes truly spiritual online businesses do what they do because it's their driving purpose in the world. An ethical business can have a mission statement and code of ethics, but a spiritual business needs its own, higher purpose for existing in the first place.

can The Spiritual Define Success?

The short answer: it already is. A study by the highly respected Wilson Learning Company found 39% of the variability in business performance is attributable to the personal happiness of the staff. And a separate study by USA Weekend found that 47% of Americans cited spirituality as being important to their happiness. There's plenty more studies out there, but the simple fact is: spiritual connection = happier staff and happier staff = more successful businesses.

Tamara Loehr believes large and small businesses are taking a more active spiritual approach

Spirituality has been proven to be good for business – a practice that Tamara Loehr credits for the success of Beusail. According to Loehr, “The competitive and often ruthless approach to business is seen as the only way to make it to the top. What if we stand for what's right and serve others first, whilst honouring the Earth Mother in the process? Not only does our business attract like minded customers and passionate people but also achieves the same outcome in the end. Think selling to serve versus selling to win.” 

Oprah Winfrey's Spiritual Health Definition Is Holistic

Passionate about her daily spiritual practice and devoted to meditation. She uses her media channels to share messages on health, wellness and achieving a mind-body balance.

Arianna Huffington's Spiritual Therapies Can be practiced Anywhere

The co-founder of the Huffington Post and Thrive Global is an avid meditation and yoga practitioner who finds therapeutic benefits in her practice wherever she happens to be that day.

Jeff Weiner Has Embraced Meditation For Spiritual Guidance

The CEO of LinkedIn uses daily guided meditations from the Headspace app. He has acknowledged and written about the scientific benefits of meditation.

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Google, Nike and Apple have also been practising mindfulness

These examples reinforce the belief that spirituality and profitability can be successfully combined and that goodness and profit can both be achieved in business. Integrating ethics and spiritual values into a company’s work culture can positively impact productivity and profitability. 

A spiritual approach can promote a healthy work-life balance

A spiritual approach considers both the physical and emotional well-being of employees. This, in turn, improves employee retention, promotes customer loyalty and strengthens brand reputation — all of which are essential to not only growing a business’s bottom line but also ensuring the longevity of a brand.

Make the SWITCH to Ethical Beauty & Wellness on the Beusail Marketplace

Beusail curates premium, eco-luxe, ethical brands that are Vegan & Cruelty Free, Female Founded & Gives Back, Good for you & Good for the Planet.
William Clay Ford Jr. Finds Connection Between Benefits Of Mindfulness & Spirituality

According to the executive chairman of the Ford Motor Company, meditation helped him weather years of bankruptcy. He also practises mindfulness meditation and yoga, which are integrated into his company’s work culture.

Marc Benioff Blends His Buddhist Spirituality In Business With The Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation

The founder, chairman and CEO of Salesforce is said to be very spiritual and applies aspects of Zen Buddhism in his leadership. Marc has meditation rooms built in various Salesforce offices.

Andy Puddicombe Turned His Spiritual Practice Into A Globally app for mindfulness meditation

The founder of the mindfulness phenomenon, Headspace, Puddicombe has built a multimillion-dollar business based on teachings from Buddhist meditation.

Loehr’s company Beusail is named after the ancient Gaelic word that means ethical, moral, of good deed and intent, and virtuous

Loehr says that today, the movement from beusuch to beusail in business is becoming more common. There is a move from the values of ‘beusuch’, which focus on striving for perfection, consuming fast fashion and seeking to be desired towards ‘beusail’, which promotes ease and humility, grace and abundance, and the courage to serve. 

Beusail is a female-headed company that only makes vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable and organic products. They have not embraced mass production and have integrated giving back as part of their operations. Every purchase from Beusail corresponds to a donation to the United Nations Sustainability Goals.

Loehr and her co-founder Natalie Nichols implement feminine divine practices and spirituality in managing their business

They hold weekly group meditation sessions, follow the seasons and not the quarters, create New Moon intentions (not monthly targets), and hold fire dances instead of end-of-month drinks. At Beusail, they use inspiring titles like magic makers and tribal leaders rather than CEO or manager. Instead of using boardrooms, they have vision boards that include profit and purpose, number of global impacts, and zero waste initiatives. Their approach to business is guided by kindness, compassion, abundance and inclusiveness.

Cut down on heat styling

Cut the chemicals

Cut the frizz

YOU Are The Most Important Ingredient In Your Haircare Routine

It's not just businesses – brands have also incorporated spirituality

The vegan vitamin sprays of wellness brand Marz Labs are based around the moon cycles. Users of the sleep spray are encouraged to use it around the full moon when a lot of people report having restless nights. The brand also looks at weight loss around the moon phases, such as when people are more likely to crave unhealthy food and when it’s the best time to start exercising.

Loehr believes that both large and small businesses are taking a more active spiritual approach because it’s been proven to be good for business – a practice that she credits for the success of Beusail.

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