The Secret of Community Channel Online Sales: A Lucrative Alternative to Multilevel Marketing

The viability of MLM during (And After) COVID

A Lucrative Alternative To Multi-Level Marketing

Learn The Secret Of Community Channel Online Sales

With so many people in uncertain financial positions these days, Tamara Loehr — an eight figure wellnesspreneur & a champion of change — believes that now is the perfect moment for you to transition from employee to entrepreneur. And it doesn't require a lot of capital or so much time that the rest of your life falls apart. Online retail representatives can quickly average $5,000 per month in profits and receive 30 percent commission on their very first day through Community Channel Online Sales (CCM), which Tamara invented to disrupt all the MLM schemes and scams. Sounds good, but... is this CCM just MLM by a different name? Tamara's glad you asked. After hearing one too many horror stories from MLM recruits that fled with distressed bank accounts and their self-esteem crumpled, Tamara knew she had to do what entrepreneurs do best... fix this mess! Here's how...

What Does mLM stand for?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a type of direct selling. An MLM recruits a network ofindependent distributors who sell their products and recruit new distributorswho sell products to their new recruits.

what is a mLM scam?

Pyramid schemes are illegal, but Multi-Level Marketing isn't & they're basically the same. The proof? The US Federal Trade Commission reports under 1% of MLM participants make profit, so over 99% lose money.

Most Common MLM business model?

The breakaway MLM business model is based entirely on a network of distributors who all aim to “break away” & construct their own teams of distributors once they reach a particular degree of success.

At the heart of every crisis lies an opportunity...

The COVID-19 pandemic's a historic moment in the global economy. Global unemployment rates were already at 190 million before the pandemic began, according to the United Nations, and are expected to continue going up, down and back around the longer the world stays in flux. But will they ever go back to 'normal'? And is this moment of global confusion actually a blessing in disguise?

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The pandemic hit female workers the hardest

Many female dominated industries ground to a halt during the pandemic because they are often location based & require face to face interaction. Think teachers, event planners, retail and services workers. And plenty of women had more than one job to lose, because part time work means they could fit work around their families needs while making enough money to keep the lights on. They went from working harder than most to earning less than the rest.

Many women are still out of work

Many women are still out of work... looking for alternatives that won't break the bank to get started or break their backs to keep going. With enough income that will allow them to pay the rent, get their rainy day savings back on track and maybe even buy a few creature comforts. So... what is a good side hustle you can do from home? Or in the car while you wait for the kids after school? Or on the couch as you listen to your favourite tunes?

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Tamara Loehr, entrepreneur and author of “Balance is B.S.: How to Have a Work. Life. Blend.,” cautions women against falling into the MLM trap

“There are record-high inquiries for joining an MLM right now," Tamara says, "but this is not the best model,” Loehr warns. “On average, it takes 13 months to get to Level 7 to make money. Even then, it is only 7 percent. You need to be paying for product and accumulating points on the way through, plus recruiting. In the current economic environment, women need a faster way to earn money.”

A better way, Loehr insists, is through Community Channel Marketing (CCM), a new model that has evolved to disrupt the sector. CCM works by entrenching giving into everything — every product and every service being sold. The strength of CCM is the ability for entrepreneurs — when they are stuck — to reach out to like-minded individuals to benefit from an experiencing-sharing moment that will get them on the right path.

A better way, Loehr insists, is through Community Channel Marketing (CCM), a new model that's evolved to disrupt the sector

CCM works by entrenching giving into everything — every product and every service being sold. That giveback is one of the cornerstones of CCM — moving through the world with ease and grace, giving back while making bank. Loehr has built all her 8 figure businesses this way. Committing to profit and purpose with every decision she makes. But the real strength of Loehr's CCM business model vs MLM business models is the ability for entrepreneurs — when they're stuck — to reach out to like-minded individuals. To benefit from an experience sharing moment that will get them on the right path. No more pushy conversations masquerading as guidance or motivation. We know they're about an MLM's bottom line, not you. Loehr's CCM model is bringing sales back to what it's always been — sharing, learning, growing & evolving through rich and intriguing conversations with folks in your community. We're all selling every day without realising it. Recommending things left, right and center with stories of our own experience using X, Y, Z. And Loehr's made sure the experience share with her range of products is one anyone would be proud to tell their friends about.

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In the spirit of CCM, Loehr has launched a new online retail store called Beusail, which offers ethical beauty and wellness products that are vegan, cruelty-free, highly organic and female-founded. The Beusail community is run by award-winning entrepreneurs who help like-minded, health-conscious women achieve their transition from employee to entrepreneur. They give their time and talents in a no-judgment zone designed for growth and sharing. “Women are fantastic at business and we need to encourage more of them to get into business, and that’s what we’re on a mission to do,” says Loehr.

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