Magick 101: Spiritual Cleanser

Think of this spell like a divine cleansing

Magick 101

Think of this spell like a divine cleansing for your hands and other instruments or crystals you use to make your spells hum. Purifying gloom and dispelling sour energy from your atmosphere...

It clears negativity and banishes bad vibes, and also works as an offering to bless and protect yourself and your magica apparatus.

You Will Need

♥ Smidgen of dried rosemary

♥ Speck of dried sage

♥ Mortar and pestle

♥ Bowl for blending

♥ 3 drops of frankincense essential oil

♥ Hot charcoal disc

♥ Heatproof dish

Step One

Exalt the rosemary and sage with a mortar and pestle. Once blended, set the concoction in a bowl then drop in the frankincense oil.

Step Two

Mix the oil and herbs with your finger while picturing a force of white light revitalising and clarifying, then let your hands hover above the spell, closing your eyes and bewitching them, exalting them with your wish for purification.

Step Three

Light a charcoal disc in a heatproof dish.

Add the oil to the charcoal.

As the smoke rises, hold your hands and any of the tools that you want to cleanse over the smoke to cleanse yourself before or after making potions.

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