Magick 101: Reconnect With Your Intuition

Ready To Reconnect With Your Intuition?

Magick 101

This spell is for anyone feeling out of touch with their intuition

You're going to find reconnection through a quick question. Asked of the universe by your third eye.

Trust the question you conjure in your mind has emerged for a reason. And have faith that your initial sense of the concern you’re questioning is likely to be the right one.

You Will Need

3 drops of frankincense essential oil

1 fresh bay leaf

Mortar and pestle

Hot charcoal disc

Heatproof dish

Pen and notebook

Step One

Let Your Mind Flow

Carefully drop your frankincense oil on the bay leaf — only 3.

Then smooth the frankincense in as you conjure your question.

Let your mind flow free. Uninhibited by need. Focused only on the tenor of your spirit's vibrations.

When your question emerges from within, say it openly. Allowing the tenor of your spirit to fully connect with the vibration of every word that leaves your lips. All of which have sprung from deep within you en route to catharsis.

Step Two

Find Your Rhythm

Now, use your pestle to grind the bay leaf in a clockwise orbit around the mortar.

Adhere to rhythmic movements:

1, 2, 3, pause...

1, 2, 3, pause...

Light your charcoal disc in a heatproof dish and lay the bay leaf on top of the charcoal.

Step Three

Listen, Connect, Write

Close your eyes and inhale the smoke — using your third eye to envision the remedy to your question.

Ensure your pen and notebook are close at hand.

Transcribe the message you receive from this clarion call you've just made to the universe.

Step Four

Repeat Whenever You Need To

Renew your clarion call using this same spell whenever you're seeking answers that your intuition's struggling to reach.

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