Magick 101: Psychic Tea

A Psychic Tea To Thread Subconscious Power Through Your Waking Life

Magick 101

This spell is for anyone looking to chart a path toward hidden truths

Ever wondered what your subconscious knows that you don't? Then let this psychic tea be your bedtime truth serum, charting a path toward hidden answers you're seeking out but struggling to find. This magick mix helps thread your subconscious powers into your waking life. Harnessing energy when you're still half asleep to ask questions of your subconscious mind.

For 1 Pot You Will Need

1 teaspoon dried rose petals

½ a teaspoon of jasmine tea

A smidgen of dried thyme

1 large tablespoon of mugwort (don't add this if you're pregnant)

½ a smidgen of saffron threads

Your favourite pen and notebook

Part One

It’s best to drink this tea at bedtime, and then doze of into the land of nod.

Add the ingredients to a teapot first. Then pour boiling water on top. Allow the brew to sleep for at least 10 minutes before drinking.

Part Two

Make sure you have a pen and notebook close at hand.

Works best when you have a specific question in mind. Something you can repeat to yourself every time you take a sip of the tea to help you focus your subconscious mind toward the hidden truth within you.

Part Three

You question might be something like:

Is it time to quit my job?

What am I missing that’s leaving me unfulfilled?

How do I know that my partner's really the right person for me?

Part Four

When you wake up in the morning (or in the middle of night) close your eyes & try to disconnect from your conscious brain by letting your mind go blank.

Soon enough, thoughts will emerge. Write them down. However peculiar.

The longer you can avoid directing your own thoughts, the more time you’ll leave open for the subconscious mind to have its say and share its wisdom.

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