Are You An Influencer? Here’s Your 2022 Influencer Marketing Update

Are you an influencer? Here’s your 2022 Influencer Marketing Update

Get Ahead of the Competition With These Influencer Marketing Predictions

January may have gone by in a flash, but the year is just getting warmed up still and marketers now more than ever are dialed into the fact that influencers play an important part of their marketing strategy. Here are key insights from the Ethical Influencers marketing community and beyond that many believe will shape the field in 2022.

1. You Belong In a Long-Term Campaign

Influencers have always been an excellent addition to B2B marketing teams — but now, long-term relationships between influencers and brands are becoming the best way of achieving significant and sustainable marketing results. 

Longer campaigns provide more value to brands, and that means brands will be more willing to pay you for longer campaign commitments in return.

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2. You Can Help Grow Affiliate Programs

With affiliate campaigns, brands and influencers can team up to drive traffic and sales. Brands can track sales through affiliate links and compensate you with commission fees which helps build ongoing connection and relationship between you and the brand through transparent and measurable results.

3. Social Media Incentives More Engagement With Creators

As more social media platforms begin offering paid features, bloggers will have more opportunities to monetise their content and boost your careers. Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are already implementing new features that reward active engagement — and when combined with the ability to sell premium content, you can earn more money than ever before.

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4. The Best Influencers Will Do More Than Just Endorse Brands

Ethical influencers are not just famous faces peddling for brands. You’re an expert in your niche and your word carries influence with the audience well paired brands want to reach. This means when you create content that goes BEYOND just selling your products, you have the ability to help brands build long lasting and deep relationships with their customers. Every brand wants that!

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