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Welcome To The Air Dry Movement: Glamour Sleep Do

How To Sleep Do

Glamour Beach Waves

Part One

After washing your hair with Hot Tresses eco-luxe hair-care, part your hair when it’s wet. The part will stay better than if you try to do it on dry hair.

Twist and form your hair into buns. Tie using Hot Tresses non-elastic ties to avoid kinks.

Part Two

For extra body and curls add extra buns – the more buns the more bounce. Our favorite number is three. Leave these in overnight to dry.

If your hair is shorter, use bobby pins instead of hair ties to avoid any unwanted creases.

Part Three

Once dry, unwrap your tresses.

Use your fingers to break up & define curls.

Don’t be tempted to brush out buns as it’ll only cause frizz and you’ll lose the lovely twists.

Plaits and braids also work well for longer styles.

If you’re not quite ready to give up the ‘tools’, start with switching to the cooler settings on your blow-dryer. 

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