Danger: Don't Mix Products/Brands

Danger: Don't Mix Hair Care Products and Brands!

Your hair has specific needs and there are a million products out there that promise amazing results. It may be tempting to grab multiple hair care bottles from the shelves, thinking a blend of several brands will give you the overall results you want... not so fast.

There is a hidden problem with mixing hair care products. Each company formulates its line using different ingredients. These differences create an inherent risk when you mix and match haircare products.

Some specific ingredients react negatively with each other. The result? Your scalp and hair bear the brunt of any adverse reaction.

Your Scalp Is Alive

Have you spent much time thinking about where you're putting your hair care products?

Many people don't know that the word scalp is an acronym for its five layers:

Skin. By far our largest organ, the skin absorbs all chemicals applied to it while processing only those needed for our body to function.

Connective Tissue. This dense layer contains subcutaneous fat, nerves, blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

Aponeurosis. This fine layer keeps the muscles that allow us to move our scalp and eyebrows connected.

Loose Connective Tissue. Plasma and mast cells make this flexible layer that separates the three top layers from the pericranium.

Pericranium. This is the outer layer of the skull bones.

Anything you put on your scalp affects all five layers, so it's important to be thoughtful about your choices.

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What’s the Harm in Mixing Products?

Not only can a chemical mixture harm the scalp, but it's just not good for your hair. Let's say you have damaged hair, so you mix restorative shampoos and conditioners. The concoction you end up with can cause even more damage. Your hair becomes less healthy as a result of mismatched brands not complementing each other.

A vicious cycle has begun.

Think about mixing different medications intended to achieve the same result. Each is formulated with different ingredients and processed differently in the body. The result can be dangerous and do more harm than good. The same is true of what you put on your hair.

Cut down on heat styling

Cut the chemicals

Cut the frizz

YOU Are The Most Important Ingredient In Your Haircare Routine

A Healthy Solution

When deciding on a haircare plan, design one around your hair’s unique issues and needs. Hot Tresses designs products used as a series of steps that work together to optimise your results. This process removes the guesswork and potential damage of mixing brands and products.

Most of us need hair rehab—a way to reset our haircare and tailor it to fit our individual needs. It starts with a tailored rehab plan survey. From there, we recommend a simple and effective plan that enhances all the natural beauty of your hair while encouraging its long-term health.

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