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Our Collective Purchasing Power Can Change The World

We’re On A Mission To:


Superior, certified products: vegan, organic and clean labels



Goods from the top plastic producers and ocean polluters



Entrenched in every sale: United Nations Sustainability Goals



Animal testing by choosing only certified cruelty-free brands



Our beauty waste footprint: biodegradable, recycled, refillable

100% Ethical Beauty & Wellness

STOP buying brands that have a negative impact on humanity, animals, the planet & your wellbeing. You can have it all ~ clean products, conscious consumption & give back.

Beusail curates premium, eco-luxe, ethical Beauty and Wellness. We encourage conscious consumers to switch to brands that are Vegan, Certified Cruelty-Free, Indie, Female Owned, committed to Zero Waste, Sustainability and Giving Back.

Imagine A World Of Giving

Thank you for being open to switching to a new model to purchase your beauty products, one that supports Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Indie brands that are Female Owned, and committed to Zero Waste + Giving Back. We are so overwhelmed by how quickly things have taken off which tells me there are loads more like minded spirits out there.

Think of all the beauty and wellness products you have bought over the years and now many you continue to buy. Now imagine the impact we could collectively make when we commit to an impact with each of purchases simply by changing our beauty buying behaviours.

The impact cost is entrenched in the product as a Cost of Goods (COGs). For our indie brands they are often choosing an impact over marketing spend so that’s why your support and shout outs will make our BHAG goal of 10 million impacts per year possible.

10 million impacts … imagine what world problems we are going to help. And it’s absolutely achievable. Let’s do this.

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You Purchase, We Give

Here's how many impacts our tribe has already made happen:


Ethical Standards

Beusail's products are audited to ensure they are ethical and meet our strict requirements.

All Beusail's products are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and 51%+ Female Owned. They must also be clean, committed to ZERO waste and be manufactured in countries that do NOT support animal testing or child labour.

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The Beusail Journey

Beusail is an ancient Gaelic word meaning moral, of good deed and intent. This is where we worked together and honour the earth mother. The opposite of this is Beusuch, which is focused on excess, success at any cost and the constant strive for perfection. We are on a mission to bring more Beusail into the world.

As a close global community, we invite you to join our journey of self-discovery around prosperity, purpose and spirit.

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Giving Embedded

When you buy a product from Beusail, you are helping create positive impacts in our world. We have giving entrenched as a cost of goods in all our product. That means every time you buy one, you are giving to the United Nations Sustainability Goals through our partnership with Buy1Give1. Thank you for switching to indie products that give back. Collectively our purchasing power will have a positive impact on the world.

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